At CBLingua, we rely on more tan ten years of experience in Legal Translation. Our training as specialized Sworn Translators in the legal structure allows us and prepares us to be capable of facing more than one hundred legal translations each day through our legal translators. The biggest part of this job is centered in the area of law, specifically in commercial and procedural law.

Legal Translation

What is a legal translation?

A legal translation consists of the translation of all types of documents with legal content, meaning, documents that aren´t necessarily officially recognized but the terminology entails an elevated technical content in the different branches of law. Amongst examples of legal translations, the most common are:

– Translations of the official journals of state bodies
– Regulations of the European Union, such as European Parliament Directives
– Legal translation of information for foreigners
– Translations of business documentation: macroeconomic reports, annual accounts, audits…

Normally legal translations and sworn translations go hand in hand, since a specialized translation is the legal framework that always requires one of our Sworn Translators to sign and stamp the document as Sworn Translator-Interpreter acting as authorizing official before the authorities.

The best solution for your legal translations is, therefore, to have professional legal translators available who will guarantee a quality result. This will avoid risking your business with poorly produced translations and damage your image. Recognise this because you should contract a professional service here.

Most common documents:

Who can be a legal translator?

There are all sorts of opinions. Some think that to be a good legal translator the fundamental thing is to achieve a strong grounding in the translation world along with knowledge of law. Others think that the most capable person for doing these types of translations is a lawyer with an adequate understanding of languages. At CBLingua, we think it is both ways. The “ideal” legal translator must be both a lawyer and a translator.

Send us the documents you need to be translated by a legal translator through our quotes section and, in less than an hour, you will receive your quote.