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We are a Translation Agency in Seville specialised in sworn translations (commonly known as “official” translations) and technical translations, made up of a professional team of more than 150 sworn and technical translators and interpreters. Our multilingual team is in charge of meeting all the requests of our clients in situ.

Why choose a Translation Agency in Seville such as ours?

  • We are a Translation Agency in Seville with our very own team of professional translators specialised in all languages and all types of documents.
  • We count on providing an urgent translation service for short documents (Degree diplomas, certificates…) in English, French, Italian and German.
  • Our Translation Agency in Seville DOES have the infrastructures and response capacity to handle large-scale projects.
  • We advise and inform our clients on the procedure and what documents they will need for different processes: weddings, diploma recognition, deeds, identity documents, residency, adoption, entitlements, medical reports and much more.
  • The best prices for both sworn and unsworn translations. Just take a look at what other translation agencies have to offer to see for yourself. And all this without neglecting the quality of our translations.
  • You can find us on Calle Mendez Nuñez, 1, one of the most accessible areas in the city centre, with easy access by all modes of public transport and a nearby car park.


Agencia Traducción Sevilla

How can one justify an impeccable professional track record such as that of our Translation Agency?

Very easily, there are two basic principles which are: hard work and dedication. We are convinced that these principles have been the key to our success over the past 17 years of profession.

The key to our continued positioning as one of the best specialised Translation and Interpretating Agencies in Spain is, has been and will continue to be our professionalism and commitment to our work and, therefore, to our clients.

The fact that all of our translation agencies are staffed by qualified translators, means that we are able to carry out not only any translation, but also under any circumstances. Thanks to our infrastructure and professional team of specialised translators, we are able to respond to translation projects that only a few translation agencies would be able to accept with total guarantee in terms of quality and deadlines.

The fact that we have a large client portfolio is no coincidence. To speak of a Translation Agency in Seville such as ours is to speak with experience and professionalism. We have an impeccable track record and more than 17 years of experience behind us. We have more than 150 sworn translators who translate into more than 25 languages.

Our team of translators in Seville tend to a countless number of clients who visit us on a daily basis. The client brings us their documents and we prepare their sworn translation on the spot so that the client can take it with them. This service is only available for short documents in English, German, French and Italian.

The high level of quality of the sworn translation service that our Translation Agency CBLingua Seville guarantees to all clients is possible thanks to the internal organisation of a Translation Agency such as our own. Clients are greeted by the staff in each office, and receive advice tailored to their needs. In some cases, they leave our office with their translation under their arm. All thanks to our express translation service (only available for short documents in German, English and French).

Without a shadow of a doubt, CBLingua Seville is the Translation Agency for you!

Our Translation Services offered in Seville

How to request a Sworn Translation in Seville?

First step

Send us a scanned copy of the document by email. You can also request your quote online, or if you prefer, you can bring the physical copy of your document to our Translation Agency in Seville.

Second step

Once you have accepted the quote we have sent you and the corresponding payment receipt has been received by email, our Sworn Translator will begin working on the Sworn Translation of the document. In Seville, it’s possible to pay either in cash, by bank transfer or with card.

Third step

Finally, let us know the delivery method you prefer. Once the translation is finished, we will send it to the address provided or we will let you know so you can pick it up at our office if you wish.


*Visit our Payment and Delivery Options section for more information.

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