What is a sworn translation or an official translation?

A Sworn Translation or Official Translation is a translation signed and stamped by a sworn translator (a translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation). According to Spanish legislation, it is necessary that all documents that are not written in the Spanish language and that have to provide legal effect in Spain are accompanied by the corresponding Sworn Translation.

 A sworn translation

When do you need a sworn translation?

If you require a Sworn Translation or an Official Translation for any document written in another language that must have legal effects before an official body. A Official Translation always goes stamped and signed by the Sworn Translator and is officially recognized by the authorities. Amongst the most frequent documents are:


Legalization of documents

The legalization of foreign documents is essential to fulfil the effects in Spain. Unless a convention, treaty or international agreement exists to excuse their legislation, it will be done in accordance with one of the following two procedures, depending on the country which issued the documents:

  • If the country is the signatory of The Hague Convention, the Apostille will be sufficient.
  • If the country is not the signatory of The Hague Convention, the route of legalization will be different in each case.